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You're a Real Card, Grey by Rydain You're a Real Card, Grey :iconrydain:Rydain 2 3 We are the Music Makers by Rydain We are the Music Makers :iconrydain:Rydain 3 2 Greyson and Redd - Sketching Towards Realism by Rydain Greyson and Redd - Sketching Towards Realism :iconrydain:Rydain 2 0 We are the Music Makers - Lines by Rydain We are the Music Makers - Lines :iconrydain:Rydain 3 0
A Redd Face, A Grey Matter, A Fine Shot of Tequila
Greyson rocked into the beat of the big band record crackling on the turntable. His gold padlock clinked on the metal plates of his mask, flashing against the leaded picture windows overlooking sunlit gardens. "Cross back tap tap. Cross back tap tap. Hop hop right." A sharp jingled head shake. "Your other right, twinkletoes."
This dance lesson had been Redd's brainstorm, his alternative to the mischief Greyson had proposed while stroking his beard over a bathtub gin fizz cheekily passed off by the house as a venom cocktail. His dreamy vision of stepping up in the most literal sense rather than supporting the nearest wall of the grand lobby while Greyson drew all eyes on the floor yet again. Instead it was more so a series of unfortunate missteps.
"Left two three and right two three and in the air. I see that look. You're thinking too much again. Stop that." Greyson crossed his feet and back, kicked a knee, dropped three notches down into a fake swan dive approaching the plush patterned
:iconrydain:Rydain 2 0
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A Rock in the Storm :iconrydain:Rydain 4 3
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You're a Real Card, Grey
Sexy Brutale Casino Husbands - Redd, Greyson, and Greyson's epic jelly roll beard. Is the 2 of Hearts a romantic gesture or a shameless deuce joke? Depends on which one you ask.

Inspired by and partly referenced from a random photo in my stock collection, plus some high res game assets for the masks. About 3 weeks of work all told, including some long weekend days, and a new record for the amount of fuss and detail done in that time frame although I spent a while experimenting with the fabric. I tried to emulate some techniques from the pro illustrators I follow and had a bit of success in the form of Redd's sweater shading, which felt surprisingly fast and natural once I got my pencil rhythm going. The masks were fun and didn't take too long - maybe 2 days' work apiece for the pencils, including an initial structural draft.
We are the Music Makers
Lines here:

This is the first serious coloring job I've attempted in five years, and Manga Studio's elegant workflow and brush handling made it far less painful than I feared. I highly recommend Ray Frenden's brushes - in particular, Painterly - Textured Rectangle is my reigning favorite for rougher strokes.

I merrily relied on Rule of Cool when my rudimentary knowledge of lighting didn't cut it, and I added a grunge texture afterward for a more variegated, handcrafted look. I experimented frequently and redid various aspects of the piece as I improved. All in all, I'm happy with my progress up this difficult learning curve.
Greyson and Redd - Sketching Towards Realism
Or, a few days of banging my head on Loomis texts trying to draw my favorite Sexy Brutale bobbleheads in a more realistic style. Greyson's amazing jelly roll beard might stretch the boundaries thereof, but it was so much fun to sketch, I couldn't help myself. I'll probably tweak these concepts when I actually go to create a piece with either or both of these guys. For now, I'm happy with this first go at capturing likenesses from a few key characteristic features rather than a full head reference to replicate.
We are the Music Makers - Lines
Redd Rockridge and Tequila Belle of The Sexy Brutale, rehearsing or writing music or just relaxing. I adore these two and this game, even though it curbstomped my heart to the point where I just want to make and retoot happy AU fanstuff for the foreseeable future.

This took me a dedicated month, and it was a blend of super fun and super frustrating like any other piece that's difficult enough for me to substantially level up over the course of its creation. But enough went smoothly and better than before that I generally felt more like I PUT ON MY ROBE AND WIZARD HAT than WTF I AM A T-REX WITH A CRAYON. I also got to indulge in my love of precision drafting to the point where I almost anal-retentived myself into a singularity.

For a solid start, I traced a select few key landmarks of a knees up reference photo of a man playing an upright piano to get the body position, outline of tricky hand pose (which I then redrafted to capture its structure), and perspective lines. I beefed up the pianist into Redd's imposing stature and drafted the rest - legs, floor, Tequila, grand piano - from theory and approximate reference. Then I fit a Manga Studio perspective ruler over the rough sketch - which came very close - to render the piano, floor, and shadow/texture lines. I shamelessly copy/pasted the heck out of those turned wood doodads for maximum fanciness and minimum busy work, though I did ink each individually to get some variation.


Rydain's Profile Picture
Rydain Darkstar
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a software engineer with an artsy fartsy side and an addiction to adaptations of Three Kingdoms Chinese history and lore. I enjoyed drawing back in high school, fell off the wagon, and have been working my way back on ever since the fan art bug bit me. I aim to improve with each piece while enjoying myself. Feel free to critique my most recent work.

My main interest is semi-realistic illustrations of people with influence from manga and Western comic art. I dabble in graphic design and digital painting as well. My formal art education stopped at an intermediate level, without any strong focus on anatomy or line rendering, so my recent progress has largely been self-taught with lots of help and inspiration from classic reference books and the works of professional illustrators.

I'm more of a writer than a visual artist, and I'm lazy about cross-posting. Find me on AO3 under Rydain. I am also planning a modern day legend of Cao Cao, which you can read about on my Dreamwidth.

If you'd like to ink, color, or iconify any of my drawings - have at it. I put them under Creative Commons license for a reason. Just give me fair credit for my work, and please link me to yours so I can see the results.



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